Closing the Gap Toolbox

The Toolbox provides the K-12 education community with a centralized place to share work samples. Included are practical tools used by district and school leaders to improve classroom instruction and student achievement using data. Take a look inside for current resources and consider sharing your own samples. To contribute to the Toolbox, you must successfully register with the web site and have your content approved. Upon successful registration send submissions to

Professional Development Toolkit

The Toolkit provides educators with a curricular plan for using educational data to strengthen instructional practice and improve student achievement. It offers a cadre of professional development resources designed for district and school leaders to facilitate their training of other district and school leaders.

Selection & Implementation Templates

Some key themes emerged from the lessons learned by school districts striving to use data to enhance instructional efforts. These include: the importance of involving a variety of stakeholders in the process and delivering comprehensive role-based and systemic training. The tools and templates will help guide districts in addressing these and other lessons learned.